Press and Media

Press and Media

As the Pakistan Football League (PFL) gains momentum and captures the attention of football enthusiasts across the globe, we recognize the vital role that the media plays in sharing our story with the world.

Our Press Relations team(s) based in the UK and Pakistan are dedicated to establishing strong and productive relationships with journalists, reporters, and media outlets. We strive to deliver compelling narratives that highlight the passion, talent, and excitement which truly defines PFL.

We value the power of storytelling and recognize the media’s ability to amplify our message to a wider audience. Together, we can celebrate the triumphs, emotions, and stories that make the PFL a unique and captivating football league.

Football is Great

The members of the board and senior leadership team are proud to have worked with UK’s Department of International Trade Export Champion for Sport. PFL UK Holdings have been fortunate to be recognised by exporting the home of football legacy from the UK to Pakistan. We seek to change the landscape of football in emerging markets in a sustainable manner. We have created the first ever tricon approach which reflects our core brand values and includes the three cornerstones of franchise league, international collaborations and international collaborations.

Investor Relations

We believe that collaboration is key to achieving success. We welcome investors who share our vision of uplifting football in Pakistan and are passionate about the immense potential of the PFL. By joining forces with forward-thinking individuals and organizations, we can collectively drive the growth of the franchise league and contribute to the development of football talent in the country.

PFL UK Holdings is committed to providing our investors with transparent and timely information regarding the league’s performance, financials, and future prospects.

Football 4 Hope

Football is a school to a better life.

PFL’s charter and commitment is to social and educational development in football in Pakistan. Football 4 Hope will integrate all 4 provinces in Pakistan to make football accessible for all without any discrimination and equality as a founding pillar.

1 ball and 22 players get a game of football anywhere in the world. Pakistan is no different as we prepare to flood the nation with 100,000 free footballs to bring joy and happiness to the children of the lost generations.

Kick a ball and use the power of the game to a better life!